Johnson {family}

Mary {& family}

Kolsen {happy2}

Reese {maternity}

UCHS Prom {2022}

UCHS Prom Walk-In {2022}

Logue's TLC Pet Hospital

Grease {UCHS2022}

Dylan {classof2022}

Keegan {classof2022}

Gabe {classof2022}

Williams {family}

Madi {classof2022}

Chelsea & Will {wedding}

Selm {2021}

Chelsea & Will {engagement}

Lafuze {2021}

Matthew {classof2022}

Brannon {family}


Morgan {classof2022}

Wesler {family fall 21}

T. Ruf {family2021}

Baker {maternity}

Karley {turns3}

Pollin {family 2021}

Ruf {2021 family}

UCHS {classof2022}

UCHS Homecoming {2021}

Eversole/Bowling {wedding}

UC Fair Queens {2021}

Collins {maternity}

Steiner {family}

Hayley {classof2022}

Dare {2021}

CW {2021}

Krom {family2021}

UCHS Prom Walk-In {2021}

UCHS Prom {2021}

Whitewater Valley {REMC}

Skylar {classof2021}

Braydon {classof2021}

Jacob {classof2021}

Dylan {classof2021}

Katelynn&Lance {engagement}

Emma {classof2021}

Anna {classof2021}

Sam {classof2021}

Mahlon {classof2021}

Mallory {classof2021}

Contessa {classof2021}

Hartman {2020}

Gray {basketball}


Selm {2020}

Sankey {2020}

Hayley {classof2021}

Stansberry {2020}

Study {2020}

Garrett {classof2021}

Townsend {2020}

Elzemeyer {2020}

Patterson {2020}

Banning {2020}

Lafuze {2020}

Reinhardt {2020}

Fields/Wolf {uc cousins}

Tori {classof2021}

Jordan {2020}

Ruf {2020}

Karley {two}

Morgan {classof2021}

Cantrell {2020}

UC Fair Queen {2020}

Vanessa {classof2021}

Genny {classof2021}

UCHS Senior Football/Moms {classof2021}

UCHS Seniors {classof2021}

Hunter {classof2021}

Logue {family 2020}

Mason {classof2021}

UC 4-H Fair {2020}


UC Class of '81 Golf Outing {2020}

UCHS Graduation {2020}

Burton {2020}

Clevenger {2020}

W Family {2020}

UCHS Snow Ball {2020}

Fields {2019}

Ruf {2019}

K {private album}

Ally {classof2020}

Koch {2019}

Selm {2019}

Beneker/Howard {wedding}

Logue {fair2019}

Kenna {classof2020}

Bennett {2019}

Robinson/Connors {wedding}

Ripberger {family2019}

Morgan {classof2020}

Elzemeyer {2019}

Kelley {2019}

Tate {classof2020}

Karagan {classof2020}

Carson {classof2020}

Hayden {classof2020}

Erica {classof2020}

Nate {classof2020}

Matthew {classof2020}

Rylan {classof2020}

Faith {classof2020}

Taylor S. {classof2020}

Dylan {classof2020}

Taylor {classof2020}

Lafuze {family2019}

Wolber {newborn}

Jordan {family}

Wolber {family}

Mason {classof2020}

Hartman {family 2019}

Pickering {family}

Kamryn {classof2020}

Kinley {2019}

Pinkerton {AC}

UCHS Homecoming Dance {2019}

Haylee {classof2020}

Norris {happy birthday}

Wiwi {family}

Kayla&Josh {wedding}


R family {private}

Cantrell/Jordan {cousins}

Frazee {family 2019}

Class of '81 Golf Outing {2019}

Karley {9 months}


Clevenger {wedding}

Pollin {family}

Beneker {family}

Felton {family}

Tyler {sports 18-19}

Emily & Ella {2019 UC 4-H Royalty}

UCHS Prom {2019}

UCHS Prom Walk-In {2019}

Rogers {alice is one}

Karley {6months}

Daddy Daughter Dance {2019}

Grease {FCHS 2019}

Anytime Fitness {oxford}

UCHS Sadie Hawkins {2019}

Woodruff {newborn}

Gray {coach}

Madeline {classof2019}

Brandon {classof2019}

Brad {classof2019}

Norris {3mo}

Jeremy {classof2019}

Justin {classof2019}

Zander {classof2019}

Nate {classof2019}

Heather {classof2019}

Mason {classof2019}

Mook {classof2019}

Carson {family 2018}

UCHS Homecoming {2018}

2018 Unified Games {special olympics}

UCHS Prom {2018}

UCHS Prom Walk-In {2018}

Daddy Daughter Dance {2018}

Into The Woods {UCHS2019}

Bye Bye Birdie {UCHS 2018}

Anything Goes {UCHS 2017}

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